At the core of Moses the Black is a desire to create music that can serve as a soundtrack for your life questions and momentum.  Instrumental music has a certain kind of space for personal reflection and we believe that it can serve an almost sacred role insofar as it helps you navigate to deeper and more courageous places.  If our music can wrap around parts of your life in a way that adds confidence to how you engage your horizons, then Moses the Black has accomplished exactly what we set to do.

In regards to our musical style – Moses the Black is not that dissimilar from what you’d expect with a more aggressive post-rock band.  However, one of our unique features is that we approach our song writing more like a modern compositional piece.  With heavy influence from composers like Arvo Part, Phillip Glass and Hans Zimmer, our songs tend to be long, with many intentional sections that imply a story arc.  Given the lack of musical repetition, each movement carries the “story” along.  It’s this narrative feature that gives the music the feel of a soundtrack and that vibe will appeal to listeners who crave longer (but not plodding or repetitive) pieces of music.

Our hope with this music rests on the belief that if we can write and record material from deep and reflective places, it can have the power to inspire exactly what is needed for the listener, regardless of where they may be coming from.  We hope you enjoy this music and feel a certain empowerment because of it.